Taste it, or regret it!
Chocoboost is a milk chocolate bar made with Belgian chocolate which will boost your mood and cover up your boring day. By eating Chocoboost, you will know the differences between Chocoboost and another chocolate bar. And you will think that Chocoboost is THE GREATEST MILK CHOCOLATE BAR. EVER.

Chocoboost is a new snack product owned by PT Eversweets Indonesia, a smooth milky chocolate bar that will cover up your days. PT Eversweets Indonesia is a company engaged in the production od chocolate, one of the company’s production is Chocoboost, which is a chocolate bar. The company is owned by Pradipta Bagaskara, PT Everweets Indonesia has also been established since 2000.

So, what are you waiting for? Just go to the nearest mini market around you and buy it!