Zeolite MTB

Zeolite is a “boiling stone” usually found around volcanoes. The name is derived from the word “Zein” = boiling and “Lithos” = Stone. Zeolite is a mineral, which has the property to extend when heated.

Zeolite is a unique stone, in contrast with quartz and feldspar which have a solid and full structure, Zeolite has an open, porous spongelike structure.

The smallest unit of Zeolite has tetrahedral crystal fram from oxygen atoms, with silicon or alluminium atoms in the centre. The oxygen atoms are the links which tie one tetrahedral to the other to form polyhedras.The polyhoedras joint together to form alluminium compounds which are called Zeolite. The unique property which makes Zeolite different from other stones is the phenomenon where a part of the silicon atoms with a valency of IV can be substituted by alluminium atoms with a valence of III whic caused a negative electric load. This sortage is neutralized by alkali or earth alkaline ions with a positive load and a weak bounding and therefore easily substituted by other ions. That is why Zeolite has a so called kation exchange capacity

Anote special property of Zeolite caused by the three dimensional structure of the spongelike pores, is the ability of absorption of the othe molecules which have otherwise gotten through the pores. On the other hand large molecules will be filtered by Zeolite. That is the reason why Zeolite is also called a molecular filter.

All these unique properties are so manipulated, by which Zeolite mineral, through a modern process becomes a mineral powder useful in different fields as cattle breeding, fishery and pond breeding, agriculture, and sustaining environmental systems.